From Our LPWC President

March's Message

Hi Ladies,

Everyone enjoyed the corned-beef and cabbage that was featured at our March luncheon in honor of St. Patrick’s Day… it was a great meal! Hope you found your pot-o’-gold at the end of the rainbow, as I believe that the treasure could be anything that makes you happy! 

Our luncheon program was very special and featured Beth Fisher, News Anchor for ABC, Channel 13. (She airs from 4:30 to 7:00 AM weekdays.) Beth shared many interesting stories including how she got started in the business and how she and her family manage her hectic schedule. In her “spare” time, Beth is very involved with a variety of non-profit organizations and particularly mentioned how much she admires the charity work that our club supports! Her Facebook page showed a picture of her speaking at Los Prados and mentioned what a good time she had had. Beth was so friendly and bubbly, and we hope that she’ll come and visit us again! 

As you know, the Rummage Sale is right around the corner (Saturday, April 6th). Be sure to get your donations together and be ready to drop them off on Friday April 5thbetween 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM at the Clubhouse. If you have any questions, PLEASE call Lydia Kimble at (702) 277-1366. I hope to see a lot of you there on Saturday as we need all the support we can get! If you still want to sign-up to help, call Lydia.  

Quiz Question: Does anyone know what’s happening in May??? IT’S DERBY TIME! Here’s how it works: (Hapless) volunteers agree to be “jockeys” for each race. They’ll be lined-up on a gridded track astride their stick-ponies wearing their jockey hats. Two dice will be tossed…one of the dies represents the horse’s number and the other dice will indicate how many spaces that horse may move forward. The first “horse” to reach the finish line wins the race! The audience is encouraged to place bets on their favorite horse in each race and the odds for each race will be posted when that race’s betting is closed. All bets are $2 each and you may bet on as many horses as you want for each race. 

It really is a night full of fun, laughs and good food! Tickets will go on sale at the April luncheon at $30.00 dollars each. If you want to purchase tickets after the luncheon, contact Cathy Mahan at (702) 375-0735. Get your tickets early because we have limited seating and this event is always a sell-out! Invite your friends and family and join the fun…Remember: all profits go to charity! 

Our “Meet and Greet” for new members went very well and it was great getting to know some of our new ladies. Each person introduced themselves and told the group a little bit about who they are and what they’ve done in their lives. We’ve got an amazing group of women in our Women’s Club, all with diverse and interesting histories! Thank you, ladies, for coming and sharing your stories with us!

Be sure to get your April luncheon reservations made early as we have limited seating. This meeting is our Macy’s fashion show featuring five LPWC members as models. Our model’s makeup is going to be professionally done by representatives from Estee Lauder, and Anthony Diaz (the manager of Downtown Summerlin’s Macy’s) will be the MC. It’s going to be a “packed-house” meeting, so make your reservations soon!

Ladies, PLEASE keep the prayers coming for our ladies of their families here in Los Prados. Every time I turn around, I’m being told that someone has broken a bone or contracted some illness. We need to keep the prayer-chain going to help our friends get well soon… I know they will appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Have a great rest-of-the-month, and again, thanks for all your support!  

Stay well and be safe! Hugs,

JoAnne DiGerolami