From Our LPWC President

Happy New Year!

Hi Ladies,

December’s luncheon meeting was a wonderful way to end 2018! I can’t think of anything better than having Donna Browning, the Dancing Dolls and members of the Ms. Senior Nevada Pageant performing for us. The program provided a nice medley of Christmas songs and other favorites, and of course we can’t forget our very special guest who came to visit because all of you were on his “good list”! (Thank you, Santa Richard, for being so believable and bringing smiles to all of us. You make a great Santa!) 

It has really been a great year for the Women’s Club! All of our events exceeded expectations, and this was made possible by the hard work and talent of our members. A big “Thank You” to all of you who worked so hard and did such a great job. The board and I can’t thank you enough for all your support and extra effort --- you’ve made it possible for us to raise additional money that goes to help so many more people! 

I’d like to review this past year’s fund-raising accomplishments so that you’ll be able to see how well we did: 

The rummage sale in April made over $5,000, the Derby brought in $600 plus, the Cabaret Social brought in over $1,200, the Bake Sale grossed over $8,000, the Auction Meeting in November resulted in over $2,000, and the Craft Fair rounded out the year at over $2,000. Once expenses were deducted, we had a record amount to donate to local charities! As you can see it really was a grand year, and even though I’m repeating myself, THANK YOU again and again!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah season, and I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.  We have the dates for our 2019 events, so get ready to mark your calendars! The Rummage Sale is April 6th, the Derby is back by popular demand and is May 18th, a Halloween Party social will be held on October 26th, the Bake Sale will be November 23rd and last but not least, the Craft Fair will be December 7th. Our goal is to make these events even more successful than our 2018 year has been!

Now’s the time to remind you to make reservations for our January 11thLuncheon. This is the very special meeting when our charities are invited to come and receive their donation checks. As they briefly describe the good work they do, you’ll see how your hard work at our fund-raisers has paid off and how many different people and projects are being helped --- the Los Prados Women’s Club is definitely making a difference in our community! 

Next-to-the-last thing on my list is to give a special Thank Youto two of our “behind the scenes” members who work all year long to help keep our club operating like clockwork!  Diana Heil does a beautiful job every month on our bulletin board, and she also receives and keeps track of our luncheon reservations each meeting. Linda May is our resident photographer and makes sure that luncheons, events, speakers, birthday girls and raffle winners are well-documented in pictures. 

Lastly, Thank Youto the members of my Board who have worked all year long keeping their teams going and staying on top of the endless list of “To-Do’s” required to run our Women’s Club. I’ve enjoyed working with each of you and look forward to doing so again in 2019!

God Bless, stay well and pray for all those who aren’t. 

Hugs to all,