From Our LPWC President

Hi Ladies,

I can’t believe how fast October has gone by, and so much has happened this month!  We had a very nice October luncheon and our speaker, Stacey Escalante, was an inspiration to all of us. She is a fighter and it just proves to us that we should never give up the fight to protect and preserve our health. If we see something “just not right” on our bodies, we need to get it checked-out and never let things go too long! Stacey’s story is one that will stay with us forever, and a special “thank you” goes out to Leslies Fox-Priest for bringing this special lady to our attention.

We are “over the top” happy on how our Cabaret de Prados Social turned out! It was a tremendous success and everyone had a wonderful time. I want to thank my committee for all their hard work (Sharon Carr, Kim Fox, Carol Moreira, Leslie Fox-Priest, Margie MacKenzie, Linda Rollins, Lisa Train, and Lorraine Ujjifusa. I’d also like to thank Cathy Mahan for all the signage, tickets, letters and so much more. To put something like this together takes a lot of hands and a lot of help, and we all made a great team. We also owe Jeff, Tracy, Chef Sheila and the staff a great big thank you! They did a great job keeping things running smoothly.

Donna Browning, our resident professional dancer, did a wonderful job with the Dancing Dolls, and they had a great night filled with flashy, colorful performances! Between Donna, Leslie and me, we had a great lineup of phenomenal entertainers who donated their time and talent to put on a great show. Remember: All the profits from the Cabaret Social will go toward our charities at the end of the year. As you can see, it took a tremendous and coordinated effort by many people to produce “Cabaret de Prados”. We’ve heard comments that it was the BEST community social in recent memory. All I can say is, Thank You, Thank You to ALL of you for such a great job!

We have a lot coming up in the next two months. The November meeting (Friday, November 9th) is our Auction, so come ready to shop! Maybe you’ll find the perfect thing for that special friend, granddaughter or yourself. We have lots of pretty jewelry, purses, scarfs, ladies’ tops and many other items, and all items being sold are new. Much of the merchandise was purchased at the ASD trade show her in Las Vegas, so come, look and buy!


You’ll also be able to purchase golf raffle tickets for $5.00 each at the November meeting. You could win golf for four players with cart at Los Prados by buying the lucky ticket. Look for the special table that will be set up where you can purchase your raffle chances. 

“Operation Santa Claus” is quickly approaching. This annual event matches underprivileged families with LPWC Captains and their Elves to supply holiday gifts. This year we’re adding an exciting new feature to include homeless teens. Please contact Joyce Paciolla or Dee Redwine for details and to volunteer as a Captain or an Elf.

The next big event is our highly anticipated Gift Basket and Bake Sale on Saturday, November 17th. Anyone who wants to bake, please do! Here’s a list of ways you can contribute: 

1. We need cookies on Tuesday morning, November 13th. Please bring them by 8:00 am. Our volunteers will be ready to wrap them for inclusion in our gift baskets. 

2. We will also need baked goods for the day of the sale, Saturday the 17th. Cookies, pies, cakes, and so on are all welcome. We need all goodies to be there by 7:00 AM so that they can be wrapped and priced.

The Gift Basket and Bake Sale is one of our BIGGEST events of the year, so please help in any way you can. As always, all profits are donated to our community charities. Thank you for all your time and help…it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. 

Saturday, December 1st, is our Craft Fair, and the vendor spots are all sold out! (Great job by Deanna Hill and Yolanda Truckenbrodt!) Be sure to mark your calendars and tell your friends and neighbors about it. It’s a great opportunity to find some one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for the special people on your gift list! 

Seems like a lot’s been said in this letter about how we raise money for charity…helping people less fortunate than we are. Yes, it’s been on my mind since I came back from New York this past weekend. As we were walking through Times Square, there was a young girl asleep on the sidewalk. Her bed looked comfortable enough because she had lots of dirty blankets around her, but people were all just walking by her as though it wasn’t a real person there. I don’t know if she was asleep or if she was just keeping her eyes closed. It broke by heart. I know we have a lot of the same thing here. The money we raise does make a difference in our community, not just with homelessness, but in many areas where help, compassion and resources are needed. Thank you again for your involvement with all our events. We ARE making a difference! 

Ladies, you should be proud of yourselves for all the support you have given through the year. Remember, you do and give what you can. It’s not how much, it’s the thought…and remember, a little goes a long way. Whether you give time, talent or money, it’s all good. I am so proud to be part of this organization and for all the good work we do. God Bless you all. Be proud.

Hugs to you all,

JoAnne DiGerolami