5150 Los Prados Circle, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130, United States

Welcome to the Los Prados Women's Club!

Welcome to the Los Prados Women's Club!

Welcome to the Los Prados Women's Club!Welcome to the Los Prados Women's Club!

Our History

In January of 1997, the Los Prados Women's Club was created by the efforts and influence of Edwina Stranahan. Subsequently, she became the club's first president.

The primary goal was to bring the women of the Los Prados community together for fellowship and the pursuit of charitable activities. The first gathering was attended by more than 100 women! 

Our membership has more than doubled in size during the years since that first meeting. Additionally, our fundraising efforts have grown along with us and have allowed us to expand the number of charities we support.

The Los Prados Women's Club holds a luncheon monthly (normally during the second week) which includes a program and business meeting. In addition, several special events are held throughout the year.

We continue to encourage all Los Prados women to join with us in friendship as we work (and play) to improve ourselves, our club and our community.