5150 Los Prados Circle, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130, United States

Welcome to the Los Prados Women's Club!


Officers & Chairwomen

Many thanks to the talented women who help our club succeed!

Our Luncheon Team

  • Raffles: Deanna Hill, Margie MacKenzie
  • Badges: Janice Glibbery, Mickey Kelso
  • Greeters: Myrna Buyink
  • Decorations: Linda Rollins, Margie MacKenzie
  • Photos: Linda May
  • Programs/Menus: Leslie Fox-Priest
  • Reservations: Diana Heil

Fund Raisers

  • Rummage Sale: Lydia Kimble, Yolanda Truckenbrodt
  • Bake Sale: Nanette Bouck, Irene Kralick, Doris Ferrell
  • Craft Fair: Kristi Beber, Donna Browning

Special Projects

  • Newsletter: Erma Severson
  • Membership: Carol Moreira
  • Member's Directory: Cathy Mahan
  • Website: Cathy Mahan
  • "The Marilyn Project": Joan Nazer
  • Charities: Doris Ferrell, Dee Redwine
  • Flags & Signs: Kristi Beber
  • Operation Santa Claus: Joyce Paciolla
  • Caring Connection: Pam DiMiceli
  • Publicity: Rita Ransom
  • Bulletin Board: Diana Heil
  • Photographer: Linda May