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Hi Ladies:
Our April luncheon and speaker, Dave Courvoisier, was wonderful and many ladies had lots of positive remarks! Our Vice-President, Leslie Fox-Priest, arranged for Dave to speak at our meeting. We learned that Leslie and Dave worked together at Channels 3 and 8 in years past and have many fond memories of the TV industry in Las Vegas. He shared many of his experiences of 27 years of anchoring the evening news and even some behind-the-scenes stories. One of his most important accomplishments was the development of the “Wednesday’s Child” program which spotlighted foster children and their quest to find permanent adoptive homes. This project remains near and dear to his heart and is a continuing feature on “8 News NOW”.

Dave Courvoisier/Leslie Fox-Priest

A BIG Thank You to all our ladies for their hard work, time and efforts to make our Rummage Sale such a success! This was the best year yet with gross sales of $5,786.58 (including over $1,000 in jewelry) and a net result of $5,334.44. Yay for us! The Los Prados community really came through as they completed their “Spring Cleaning” and donated their unwanted items to us. As we always say, “Los Prados has GOOD Stuff!"

Currently we’re looking for two members to take over chairing the Rummage Sale next year. Ann Hull and Ginger Robertson have done an outstanding job of coordinating these sales over the past several years and have earned a rest! The new chair-women will benefit from the comprehensive booklet they put together that contains all the information anyone will need to facilitate next year’s sale. If you are interested or know of someone who is, please get in touch with me.

Saturday, May 19th is Derby Time and everyone is invited! Don’t miss one of the most entertaining, fun and (possibly) profitable socials of the year! Los Prados Jockeys “ride” their “horses” down a “racetrack” with their distances determined by throws of the dice. Spectators can bet on which horse will be lucky enough to reach the finish-line first. As if the races aren’t exciting enough: there’ll be a delish buffet dinner, a Derby hat contest, raffles and prizes galore! GET YOUR TICKETS SOON ($26 per person)! Last day for ticket sales is our luncheon on May 11th. Space is limited, so call Ginger Fein at (702) 396-1088 or JoAnne DiGerolami at (702) 655-4534 to reserve your spot!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the gentlemen who were so kind to shuttle our ladies from their car to the Clubhouse and back on the day of the luncheon. What a nice service this was, especially as the parking lot was so crowded and some of our ladies having limited mobility. The men who were so helpful were David Del La Torre, Jim Bolger, Bill Bolger, and Jim Starkus. From what I heard, they will try and be there for future meetings (which would be wonderful) --- thank you, gentlemen!

I’ve rattled on enough, but we have a lot coming up! Remember to get your Derby tickets and we’ll see you at the May Luncheon. Blessings to our friends in the Women’s Club who’ve been in and out of the hospital, and prayers that everyone stays healthy and well. Thanks Ladies, for all your support!

Sincerely, JoAnne DiGerolami

Charities' Luncheon

Friday the 12th of January was a very special day for the Los Prados Women's Club! This was the luncheon where our annual charity checks were distributed to fifteen local, deserving charities. This year we were able to donate $14,500 (not including our Outreach donations during the year). Representatives from the charities shown below joined us for a delicious lunch and received their checks in person. This amazing event was the culmination of all the hard work we do all year long. Congratulations to our members for a job well done, and to the recipient charities for the good work they do!

LPWC 2017 Charities
Family Promise Calgary Downtown Outreach Toys 4 Smiles
New Vista Ranch South Sudan Center Las Vegas Rescue Mission
On The Rocks A Home 4 Spot St. Therese Center
The Embracing Project Spirit Therapies Katails
The Poppy Foundation Eye Care 4 Kids Street Teens
(To read about what each charity does, click on this link.)

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